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What do the following abbreviations stand for?

STB Set Top Box
EPG Electronic Programming Guide
LED Light Emitting Diode
DVR Digital Video Recorder

Do I need a digital TV set to get MyTV?

No. Please consult the Remote Control Guide provided to you at the time of installation for instructions on how to program the remote with compatible equipment. You may also access this list by viewing our online Remote Control Guide.

Will any set-top box work with MyTV?

No. The MyTV signal is encrypted and requires our authorized set-top boxes to receive the programming we provide.

What are simultaneous streams?

MyTV requires a large amount of bandwidth. As technology evolves, we can overcome some of these limitations. Until then, each home is limited in the amount of bandwidth that can physically be delivered. High Definition (HD) programming requires even more bandwidth than Standard Definition (SD).

While multiple TVs can be connected to the MyTV service, there is a limit to how many set-top boxes can display programming at the same time. These are known as programming streams. How close the wire center is to your home will determine how many TVs can receive programming at the same time, known as simultaneous streams. An SD channel equals one stream, HD three streams, MyDVR SD one stream, and MyDVR HD three streams. Previously recorded programs do not take up a stream. If you notice freezing or tiling, check to see if all other set top boxes throughout your home (not just TVs) are off. If not, turn them off one by one to see if that improves the appearance.

How many TV sets can I connect to MyTV?

We have two types of MyTV service based on how far you are located from the nearest wire center. The options you have for how many simultaneous streams you can watch at the same time are outlined below.

Type A Wire center is less than 4500 feet from the service location. You can watch four streams at the same time.
Type B Wire center is 4501 to 9000 feet from the service location.
You can watch three streams at the same time.

If you notice tiling or poor picture quality, try turning off each set-top box one by one to see if that alleviates the issue. If there is no improvement or to learn more about the streaming limitations, contact our technical support at 611 from your Randolph Telephone phone.

Is MyTV available in my area?

To find out if MyTV is available in your area, please contact a Customer Care Consultant by calling 879-5684 or 622-7900.

What should I do if I'm going to move?

Two weeks before you move, contact us to determine if you can take your services to your new location. If you will be leaving our service area, return all equipment to Randolph Telephone.

Why are there Black Lines on your HDTV?

The reason for this is because the image you want to watch is not the same size as the TV. There are two common TV shapes, full screen and wide screen. The term used to describe TV screen shape is (aspect ratio) conventional TVs, and some small LCD HDTVs, have a 4:3 aspect ratio; wide screen HDTVs have a 16:9 ratio. Which means that for every 9 inches of height, there is 16 inches of width. When a programmer sends out a channel in standard definition, the ratio is 4:3. It means that for every 4 inches of height, there is 3 inches of width. And it is the difference in shape between those two ratios that can result in a (pillar boxed) picture - one with black columns standing to the left and right of the image. Now, depending on your TV, those pillared lines can only be fixed if you force your TV to get rid of the bars through the TV zoom feature, but understand, when employed it will crop your image, which means you will be chopping off the sides to fill up the top and bottom.

Why are some channels not available on MyTV?

As your local Television provider, our goal is to keep your monthly cost down and when networks demand huge fee increases, we try work to get the best offerings at the best price possible so we can keep your bill as low as possible. Sometimes we lose negotiations and the demand for the channel isn't worth the price increase. For more information, visit www.tvonmyside.com.

Remote Control

How do I turn the Set Top Box (STB) on and off?

Press the STB button on your remote control and then press the red power button. A green LED light will illuminate to indicate that the STB is on and a red LED light indicates that it is off.

How do I turn on/off the Closed Captioning Feature?

Locate the CC button on the remote control and press it to toggle Closed Captioning on or off.

How do I view information about the program I'm watching?

Press OK and select Expanded Info. You may also press the Guide button on the remote. The program will be minimized and the description will appear to the right.

Menu and Programming Guide

What categories are available within the Menu?

Press the Menu button near the top left of the remote to view the following categories:

My Library Order Video On Demand, Pay Per View, Pay Per Block, and Sports packages when available, and view reminders, messages, and Caller ID history here.
Settings Set up user preferences and passwords for Parental Controls/Channel Blocking, Caller ID, and more.
Favorites This is a listing customized to your channel preferences.
Search Find specific channels or programs by typing in the name of the item you are searching for here.
Guide This is an on screen TV guide that allows you to see the date, time, and description of current and future programming.
DVR Any recordings you have previously saved or would like to schedule are located here.

How do I use the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) on my television?

Press the STB button near the top of the remote. Press the Guide button on your set-top box remote control. Press Guide to change the listings between All | HD | Subscribed | Favorites (the category appears in the tab just above where the listings begin). Use the up and down arrows to scroll through the available channels. Use the + Page - button to scroll page by page instead of each channel. You can use the left and right arrows to view the program line up on each channel. Press OK to change the channel to the network you wish to view a particular program on.

All This shows you all channels available from MyTV.
HD These are the High Definition channels offered through MyTV.
Subscribed This listing shows you only the channels available on the packages you subscribe to.
Favorites This is a listing customized to your channel preferences.

What can I do with the EPG?

A list of programming will appear, which allows you to view current shows on each network and scroll through future programming on each channel using the arrows on your set top box remote. Once you have highlighted a specific show, press OK and you will be given the following options:

Schedule Event * Allows you to set up a recording, reminder, or auto tune for a certain channel, time, and frequency.
Record Program* Sets the DVR to record the selected program on that individual date and time.
Record Series*

Records all shows in an entire series automatically.

Set Reminder Select and press OK to schedule a reminder for a program
Set Autotune When activated, a pop up will appear to allow you to Tune In or Cancel. If you do not respond, the set top box automatically changes the channel to that channel at the scheduled time.
Expanded Info Gives an brief description of the story line for the program you select.
Cancel Exits the window so you may view the EPG.

*You must subscribe to MyDVR service for this option to work.

What do I need to get MyTV HD service?

Anyone with our high definition compatible set-top box may subscribe to our current HD programming package. However, we recommend that you have a high definition television in order to fully maximize the enhanced visual technology that high definition provides. HD is only available to fiber customers.

If I get an HD set-top box, will all of my programming be in HD?

No. Only programming that is produced in HD and is delivered via an HD-specific channel is shown in HD.

How do I see what HD channels and programming are available?

Press Menu on the set top box remote control to access the Guide on your television screen. Press Menu again to switch from regular programming to HD programming.

Can I customize the Guide to only show the channels I like?

Yes. The set top box will allow you to set up Favorites for you and/or other family members according to your personal preferences. Press the Menu button on the remote control. Use the arrow keys to find Favorites on the top of your screen. Press OK. You may then Choose, Edit, Create, Delete, or Cancel. Select Create and use the keyboard screen to type in the name you have selected for this Favorites list. Scroll through the channels and press OK on the one you want to include in your list. When complete, press the Update button to change from All channels listed until you reach the Favorites you created in the tab above the channels listed.

Do I have to scroll through all of the Guide listings to find a specific show?

No. Once the Guide is accessed, type in the channel using the number keys on your remote. Or, use the Search feature on the Guide to easily locate your favorite shows. Press the Menu button. Use the right and left arrows to place the box around the Search function and press OK. Press OK again for the keyboard screen to appear. Using the arrow keys on your remote, type in the name of the program you want to watch or record. Select Done on the keyboard screen and press OK when you have finished typing the item you are searching for.

What is My Library?

My Library is where you will go to access the following:

Video* Order Video On Demand to watch movies and other programming anytime.
PPV Events Pay Per View events can be purchased here to watch special programming at a scheduled time.
Pay Per Block* Pay Per View programming purchased in blocks of time rather than by individual programs.
Sports Packages Premium seasonal sports packages can be purchased and viewed.
Reminders Lists reminders you have programmed for your favorite shows and scheduled DVR recordings.

Messages Randolph Telephone may occasionally use this to send important information to our customers.
Caller ID** A history of incoming calls captured by your MyTV Caller ID will appear here.

*Video On Demand and Pay Per Block are not yet accessible. All MyTV customers will be notified when this programming is available for purchase.
**Caller ID on MyTV is free with a paid subscription to Caller ID on your phone line.

Can I change the format of the Guide?

Yes. There are two formats, one of which may look better than the other based on the type of television you have. The default is called English-NuBlu, which has a black background. The second option is English-Default 4.1. If you would like try the second format, please call our Technical Support for assistance at 611, 879-5681 or 622-5681. This second option is often better for older standard televisions.


What is MyDVR?

MyDVR is a digital video recorder that allows you to record programs in the set top box. Our customers enjoy this feature because it allows them the ability to record their favorite show or the entire series. It allows you to rewind live TV to replay something you want to see again. And better yet, you can even pause live TV to allow you to fast forward through commercials and not miss any programming.

How much storage does MyDVR have?

250 Gigs of storage capacity is available on the MyDVR hard drive. You can record approximately 165 hours of standard-definition TV and 40 hours of high-definition programming.

How do I record my favorite show?

Press the green DVR List button on your set-top box remote. You may also press the Menu button, highlight the PVR option, and press OK. You will be given the following options:

Recordings Select and press OK to view any recordings available.
To Record Lists any programs scheduled to be recorded.
Storage Info Sort by Title, Date, Channel, & Viewed/Not.
Schedule Priority Sort by Title, Date, Channel, & Skipped/Not.
Schedule Event To edit, highlight the item and press OK. Use the arrow keys to change the settings and Press OK again to end the edit.
Record History Lists programs previously recorded.

Tip: Set the Start and End time to begin and end 1 to 2 minutes before and after each program you wish to record so you don't miss out on previews or shows that may run too long. Press the Stop button on the remote to resume live TV.

Note: To record, you must have a DVR set top box and subscribe to the MyDVR service. You can record two shows at once, but you must watch one of those channels while the recording is in progress.

Can I schedule a recording for another date or time?

Yes. You may schedule recordings up to 6 days in advance. You may record a program once, weekly, everyday, or Monday through Friday.

When my DVR hard drive is full, will the DVR automatically delete my recordings?

Yes, it will delete the oldest recordings first unless you change the settings. You can ensure that certain recordings aren't deleted by locking those recordings. However, it will not record future scheduled programs if it is full.

How do I avoid deleting a recording accidentally?

Activate the Lock feature for recordings that you do not want to delete. Press Menu. Highlight PVR and press OK. Highlight the recording and press OK. Highlight LOCK and press OK to activate or deactivate.

How long can I keep my DVR recordings?

As long as you like, but space is limited by the size of your set top box hard drive.

When I watch a recording, does that use up a simultaneous stream?

No. You may watch any previously recorded program you have saved on the MyDVR hard drive without using any bandwidth or simultaneous streams. However, a stream (or bandwidth) is used when a recording is in progress and may limit other televisions within your home the ability to access live programming.

Can I access the DVR from other TVs in my home?

Yes. With the Whole Home DVR service, you can view previously recorded programs and schedule new recordings from other televisions in your home with MyTV. Simply press the DVR List button (green button) near the top center of your set top box remote. Then, select a program from your recordings list or set up a recording as previously described.

Parental Controls

How do I access the Parental Controls menu?

Press the Menu button on your remote control. Highlight the Settings menu option and press OK. You will be prompted to enter your password. The default password is 0000 until you change it. Press OK. Notice the two options at the top of your screen - Preferences and Users. The Preferences tab should be highlighted in green. Here you will have the option to block channels on an individual basis or by category. Enable Parental Controls by highlighting the box to the left and pressing OK. Highlight Edit and press OK again. Set preferences to your liking. See "How do I block certain channels or program types from my children's view" for more information.

How do I change my Password and/or PIN?

The Master User will be set up using the Default Password (0000) and Default Pin (0000). You can change this by accessing the Settings menu as previously explained. Highlight the Master User (designated by 0000) and select Edit at the bottom of your screen. Press OK on your remote. You will then be asked to enter the current password, a new password, and to confirm the new password. You will also be asked for the current PIN, a new PIN, and to confirm the new PIN. Highlight the box next to Enable PIN and press OK. A red dot will appear to indicate the PIN has been enabled. Select Submit and press OK to accept all changes. The PIN will be used for all new users created. When changing the Password for all other users, you will not be prompted for the current password.

How do I block certain channels or program types from my children's view?

Each person in your household can be set up to view specific programming appropriate for their age and/or personal preferences. To create a new user, access the Settings menu as previously explained. Highlight the Users tab at the top of the screen and press OK. Select the Add box at the bottom of the screen and press OK. You will be able to set a login, password, and confirm the password. Once Pay Per View channels become available, you will also be able to set an allowance for each person for ordering PPV programs. Highlight Submit and press OK. You will be asked to continue to Parental Controls. Highlight the Movie Ratings box and press OK. Arrows will pop up on either side of the box. Use the right and left arrow to change the movie rating to the desired rating and press OK. Repeat in the TV Rating box. Highlight and press OK next to each Content Rating box you wish to block. Highlight the Submit box and press OK.

The new user should now appear in the list of users available on the Users page. To change from one user to another, you will need to require login. You may do this by pressing Menu, then Settings, and selecting the circle next to Require Login. Press OK and Exit. When you finish watching TV, press Menu and highlight the Sign Out box and press OK. Any new viewer will be required to login with the password assigned to them and only the programming authorized in their preferences will be viewed.

How to block by Rating:

Once in Settings, use the ARROW keys to scroll to Parental Controls box. Click OK to check that box.
Use the ARROW keys to scroll to Users. Click OK. Scroll to Parental Controls and click OK.
Scroll to highlight the Movie Ratings box and press OK. Arrows will pop up on either side of the box. Use the right and left arrow to change the movie rating to the desired rating and press OK. Repeat in the TV Rating box. Highlight and press OK next to each Content Rating box you wish to block. Use the ARROW keys to scroll to the Submit box and press OK to save changes. Any show on any channel with the locked rating will be unavailable for viewing.
You can also block Unrated by checking the Block Unrated box and block by type. Use the ARROW keys to scroll to each box and check each box to block:

S Sexual Situations
V Violence
L Language
F Fantasy Violence
D Suggestive Dialogue

What do the Movie and TV Ratings mean?


Movie Ratings

TV Ratings

G General Audience TVY All children TV7 Directed to older children
PG Parental Guidance Suggested TVG General Audience
PG-13 Parents Strongly Cautioned TVPG Parental Guidence Suggested
R Restricted - Under 17 requires accompanying adult guardian at the theater. TV14 Parents Strongly Cautioned
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted. TVMA Mature Audience Only
AO Adults Only    
X Children under the age of 17 not admitted. Includes explicit sexual content.    
XX Children under the age of 17 not admitted. Includes strong explicit sexual content.    
XXX Children under the age of 17 not admitted. Includes strongest explicit sexual content.    

Closed Captioning

For questions or concerns regarding closed captioning please contact our MyTV Engineer at 336.879.7985.



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