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Troubleshooting Tips

Sometimes your Internet connection may appear to be down and all it takes is a quick step to get yourself back online. Randolph Telephone offers free 24/7 technical support and we encourage you to use that service. Here is a checklist of things to do that might help you find a solution more quickly or give us more information about the problem when you contact us.

  • Check your connections. Make sure that all the connections to the computer, modem, and router are secure.
  • Restart all of your equipment. Be sure to restart the Internet modem first and give it time to set up. Follow that with restarting your computer.
  • Phone line quality - Interference on your phone line, such as static and noise, can disrupt or impair your connection. Make note of any interference on your phone line and call our repair line at 611or 336-879-5681 to report it.
  • Voicemail - Most voicemail systems notify you of new messages with a stutter dial tone. Some modems recognize this as interference and are unable to dial to the Internet access number. It may be necessary to clear your voicemail messages first.
  • Spyware/Adware/Viruses - These harmful programs can sneak onto your computer and cause your Internet browser program not to open and/or eat up so much of your computer’s resources that few other programs can function. We encourage you to run an anti-virus/spyware/adware program periodically; especially, when you experience a problem with your Internet connection.

Try the following test, by clicking on the link below.
Internet Speed Test

Help Us Help You

When contacting Technical Support, try to have the following information ready to share with your technical support specialist:

  • Track Errors - Have a list of any error messages that popped up. Try to be as specific as possible when recording error messages.
  • Have your username and password on hand because our technical support staff will require this information to document your call.

Virtual Support

To allow our technical support specialist to gain remote access to your computer, please contact us using your local technical support number provided below. Our specialist will initiate the Virtual Support service, and ask you to join the session by clicking on Virtual Support.

Technical Support

Randolph Telephone internet users have access to technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers should be sure to choose the number that is local to their area in order to avoid incurring toll charges. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions about your Internet setup or service. 336-879-9111 or 336-622-9111

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center at 336-879-5684, or e-mail us at csrep@rtmc.net.



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