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Pay-Per-View iN-DEMAND Instructions

How to order a PPV (Pay-Per-View) movie:

  1. Press GUIDE on your remote and scroll through our PPV Channels to find a movie you would like to view. These channels are:
      974, 975, 976: Movies
      977: Same Movies as 974-976 in Spanish Language
      990: HD Events (HD Access required)
      991: Events and some Adult content
      992 and 993: Events replays and Adult content
      994: Hot Choice Adult content
  1. You can order up to 5 minutes into the start of the movie by clicking the OK button on your remote while you have the movie highlighted in the Guide. Click Buy PPV to confirm order. ┬áPlease note, if the movie is more than 7 minutes into the program you will not be able to order it.
  2. After 5 minutes, the movie will stop playing and a box will appear asking if you want to buy if you have not already clicked Buy PPV. Scroll to Buy PPV. Or, scroll to Cancel. Click OK.
  3. If you decide to order the movie before the 5 minutes are up, click OK on your remote. A box will appear on your TV screen. Scroll down to Buy PPV and click OK on your remote. This will prevent the movie from stopping after the 5 minutes are up and you will not miss any of the action.
  4. To share access to the purchased PPV with all TVs connected to your Randolph MyTV service, click the “Share” box when ordering.

How to order and record a PPV (Pay-Per-View) movie for future viewing:

  1. You must have Randolph Telephone MyDVR access to record a movie for later viewing. If you do not have MyDVR access and would like to upgrade, please call Customer Care at 336-879-5684.
  2. To pre-order a movie and record it for later viewing, scroll to the movie in the Guide and when highlighted click OK on your remote. A box will appear. Scroll to Buy PPV and click OK.
  3. IMPORTANT: Next, a box will come up asking what to do. Scroll to record PPV and click OK. The movie will now be recorded. This can be confirmed by a small red dot that will appear on the guide next to the movie to be recorded. (You must follow-up with the record movie command. Otherwise, the movie will play and will not be recorded.)
  4. To share access to the purchased PPV with all TVs connected to your Randolph MyTV service, click the “Share” box when ordering.
  5. You can set an autotune reminder to turn to the channel when the movie starts. Otherwise, you will have to turn to the channel at the appointed time manually. The autotune reminder can be set when you set the recording.

Note: Not all programs will allow recording. This is determined by the programmer.

How to cancel a “future” PPV (Pay-Per-View) purchase:

  1. If you order a PPV movie that is scheduled to air at a future time and you decide you do not wish to watch the movie you can cancel it before the program starts. Scroll to the movie in the guide. Once highlighted click OK on your remote. A list will appear on your screen. Scroll down to Cancel PPV Purchase and click OK on your remote.
  2. If you set the PPV to be recorded, highlight the movie again in the Guide and click OK. Select Cancel Recording and click OK.
  3. If you order a Pay-Per-View movie in real time you CANNOT cancel the purchase. If the program has already started, you CANNOT cancel the purchase.

Credit Limits: Each account has a $100 credit limit on purchases per month. If you plan to order more than one event, you may need to request a temporary increase. Contact Customer Care at 336-879-5684 during business hours before ordering.

IMPORTANT: Please see the Parental Controls instructions in the MyTV FAQ's on how to establish a PIN number, block certain channels and/or block content by rating. You will be responsible for all Pay-Per-View movies ordered on your account.


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