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Business High-Speed Internet

Check out our High-Speed Internet! In order to receive internet service you must be a Randolph Customer with dial tone service.

Business Broadband Ethernet Packages

RTMC's Broadband Ethernet Packages are a fantastic solution for your business if you require a faster internet connections. Speeds can be delivered from 6Mbps/6Mbps ranging all the way to 100Mbps/100Mbps. Our Ethernet packages become a highly versatile product due to its range. It allows us to run firber directly to your place of business.


Randolph Telephone will give you the following for signing 24-month service commitment for a internet plan.

Randolph Telephone's installation is to demarcation point. Installation does not include inside wiring or telephone jacks. A NIC is required to connect to the internet device. If the customer provides a NIC, then the customer must install and configure the card. Customer will incur labor charges if their physical internet location is changed, and Randolph Telephone performs on-premise work or central office work to restore internet service.

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center at 336-879-5684, or e-mail us at csrep@rtmc.net.


  • No Shared Connections
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 10 FREE E-mail Accounts (10 GB each) Additional e-mail accounts are $2 each
  • WIFI - connect multiple computers to a single internet connection
  • ESPN3.com - Get unlimited access to ESPN3.com for extended coverage and online video of your favorite collegiate and professional sport match-ups.

* A credit check is mandatory to determine whether customers qualify for the 24 month commitment plan. internet users will not be allowed to host web sites, e-mail servers, etc., using these connections. Actual transmission speeds experienced by the customer will vary. RTMC will not be responsible for service issues related to customers computer, network, or software.

An early termination penalty will apply if a internet commitment is not fulfilled in the amount of the upfront installation savings offered in exchange for the contract. For the 24-month internet a la carte commitment, the penalty will be $99. From time to time, Randolph Telephone may offer other installation terms. Please refer to your internet contract to confirm the amount of your penalty should you not fulfill your commitment.

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